Little Inventors

Calling Climate Champions!

We invited you to use your imagination and come up with invention ideas that could help protect our planet.

You chose from one of the two themes to help think up an ingenious invention to protect our planet!

THEME 1 - PROTECT BIODIVERSITY Animals and plants make homes in wild habitats like deserts and forests, but they also live in the cities, amongst us on the edges of buildings and between the cracks in the pavements. Wherever you live you can make a difference. What could you invent to bring more biodiversity to the area you live in?

THEME 2 - INVENT A MORE SUSTAINABLE FUTURE Every decision we make has an impact on the planet, from what we eat to how we travel. Can you think of traditions in your country that are kinder to the environment and help to protect it? Think up an invention that would help us to throw fewer things away and waste less, to use less energy or to travel more sustainably!

The power is in your hands to inspire adults to take bold action to make the future of our planet and all its life thrive.

Did you think of an idea to change the way we live so that we don’t pollute the natural world or think of an invention that produces sustainable energy?

Everything we do in our daily lives has an impact on the environment all around us, so every idea, no matter how small, is needed and welcome! Let’s strive to make change happen by thinking big to invent a new future for our beautiful planet Earth.

A selection of the most creative and inspirational entries were brought to life by expert illustrators and 3D graphic artists and shown at Universidad del Desarrollo.

Climate Champions Resource Pack

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